Eurotex International is in no way connected to MAN; we have no desire to represent any of their operations or activities.

We have, with the exception of Caterpillar, remained OEM and product independent to ensure you, our valued and respected customers, are not restricted by ‘sole source’ options.

Over the years, we have striven to offer all our customers a quality approved option, thereby creating an opportunity to undertake procurements competitively, while maintaining the integrity of service you have a right to expect.

We have successfully achieved this by providing:

  • A quality service
  • Rapid and accurate response
  • Full ‘through life’ support
  • Competitive pricing

The fact that we are independent gives you, the customer, an element of choice and selection that enables you to obtain the best quality service in the most expedient and competitive manner possible. In other words, you have the opportunity to select the supply source that best meets your needs.

In our 35 years of existence, we have performed at the highest level of operation, returning obsolete ‘legacy’ equipment back to ‘as new’ functional and proven status. As a result, we have extended its life expectancy, while also retaining the involvement of our customers through total extended life support services.

We have responded when other supply sources have failed to, supplied when others cannot, refurbished where others have declined to and we have respected the wishes of our customers and performed our contracted responsibilities in a manner that has drawn all our customers into long term relationships.

Our ability to assist and respond to your requirements will never falter and will be around for as long as required, because we retain our independence and are very proud of this fact.

We work for you, the customer, and our Company motto has been and always will be our attitude to our customers: “We’re There When You Need Us.”