Why Choose Us

There when you need us for Caterpillar and all other diesel engine service requirements.

For over 30 years, Eurotex International has been exactly that – there when we are needed by people who are responsible for the continuing operation of essential diesel engines and associated equipment throughout the world.

The company is a Caterpillar (CAT) authorised marine dealer and is otherwise OEM and product independent. Frequently working for governments, sometimes for private companies, we maintain, service, overhaul and provide spare parts for diesel power plants, typically used in marine applications, for traction (rail locomotives), land-based power and pumping sets.

Whether you want to ensure that your power plants give consistent, reliable service, have them restored to full operating condition, overcome breakdowns, or guarantee the supply of essential spare parts, Eurotex International is your first and best choice.

Why choose Eurotex International?

  • In-depth knowledge with specific experience of Paxman Ventura, Paxman Valenta, Caterpillar, Ruston and other marine and industrial diesel Marques.
  • Highly skilled specialist workforce.
  • ‘In Situ’ engine servicing accredited to Lloyds ISO 9001 – 2008 quality specification.
  • Flexible range of services to meet customers’ requirements, including in-house overhauls, breakdown ‘flying squads’, mobile workshops, spare parts maintenance kits assembled to meet specific overhaul protocols, training and technical consultancy.
  • Fast and reliable service from our extensive UK workshop facilities and field service engineers.
  • Staff training and skill levels constantly audited to incorporate ‘up to date best practice’ routines.
  • Competitive pricing for specific bespoke contracts and projects.