032 – Eurotex International supply two 6-cylinder Paxman Valenta engines

Eurotex International Ltd has successfully completed a contract for BAe, a leading UK Support Agency, to supply two reconditioned 6RP200M(E) Paxman Valenta engines.

As part of the comprehensive supply contract, all component parts, sub assemblies and final assemblies were ‘ranged’ to ensure the magnetic properties of the engine were known throughout the assembly procedure. Eurotex International Ltd were also tasked with the job of fitting new ‘degaussing wires’ to the engines prior to dispatch in readiness for final ranging.

Our stringent ISO 9001-2000 control procedures were followed throughout the refurbishment to guarantee both engines met the very high level test procedures set by our client, which included:

  • Engine condition report showing measurements taken before and after refurbishment covering all major components
  • 56 hour run time covering all engine speeds carried out on our newly installed test facility
  • Maximum load, full speed testing for over eight hours
  • Exhaust particle testing
  • Full vibration analysis
  • Our client was present throughout testing which was certified by independent inspection carried out by Lloyds

After successful testing at Eurotex International Ltd and despite adverse weather conditions, both engines were dispatched on time. This allowed for final range testing, where it was stated that the results exceeded expectations.


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