036 – Crankcase Refurbishment

Eurotex International Limited has recently completed a contract placed by a leading UK Government Support Agency for the refurbishment of four Paxman Ventura 12YJCAZ crankcases.

The crankcases were previously considered beyond repair and were delivered to Eurotex for an inspection report and evaluation. After applying the stringent Quality Control protocols of the company, it was decided with the customer that our specialist product knowledge and unique refurbishment skills, would make repairs achievable within the budget and timescale established by the customer.

A comprehensive machining and welding programme was established that identified all previously ‘missed’ cracks and the units were tested and returned to ‘as new’ condition and were introduced into the fleet for continued operations.

The rehabilitation programme revitalised ‘time served’ equipment back to ‘current’ standards at a fraction of the cost of new purchases and will now form the basis of a ‘rotatable pool’ of major items within the customers stock itinerary.

Throughout the repair process stringent controls and checks were carried meeting our Lloyd’s ISO 9001 quality accreditation which included laser alignment, ultrasound crack detection and advanced measurement practices.


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