52 – Paxman 12RP200 Crankcase Given New Life.

Eurotex International has successfully completed a contract to repair and build a “Short Block” 12 RP200 engine as part of our on-going support and aftercare programme for an overseas Sovereign Navy.

The crankcase had suffered extensive damage as a result of connecting rod failure and Eurotex International were charged with the task of returning the crankcase back to ‘as new’ condition.

After comprehensive structural repairs and machining procedures the crankcase was subjected to stringent inspection meeting our Lloyd’s ISO9001:2008 quality procedures which include laser alignment, crack detection, pressure testing and CMM measurement practices.

On successful completion of the crankcase rehabilitation, Eurotex International set about building a ‘short block’ engine, supplying all major rotating components including crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods and cylinder liners.

The ‘short block’ engine will be returned to the client to form the basis of a ‘rotable pool’ of major stock items to help support their existing fleet.

Eurotex International Ltd. is established as the home of Paxman Ventura and Valenta full support and aftercare for all applications worldwide.



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