062 – Second Paxman Valenta 12RP200 Engine from Unique ‘Rotable Pool’ Concept.

Working in partnership with our in country representative Euro-American Diesels, Eurotex International has successfully supplied a second 12 cylinder Paxman Valenta engine for use on a Type 23 Frigate.

The contract was developed as part of an on-going support and aftercare programme which involves the use of major components previously rehabilitated and used as a ‘Rotable Pool’.

Due to operational difficulties, Eurotex were given 4 weeks to build and test the Paxman Valenta 12RP200M as an emergency replacement for a failed unit.

By utilising the ‘Rotable Pool’ of major pre positioned components, the 12 cylinder engine was built, fully load tested in the presence of the customer and despatched in record time allowing the vessel to return to operational status with minimal down time for the vessel.

The unique and succesful ‘Rotable Pool’ process will continue with the removed unit being sent back to the Eurotex facility for inspection and prepositioning for use on the rebuild of a further ‘shortblock’ refurbishment project.

The rapid and detailed response is part of Eurotex’s ongoing support and aftercare programmes offered to clients worldwide in support of ‘Legacy’ engines and the continued developing programmes have developed with increasing success rates for operators of the Valenta and Ventura range of engines.

The engine is the second to be supplied to this specific customer using such protocols and further support concepts are currently being developed with this customer to enhance the operational effectiveness of the fleet.