047 – 2 x 12 Cylinder Paxman Valenta Contract Completed.

The two engines arrived at Eurotex International Ltd facility having completed their “between major overhaul” maintenance period with an intention that the procedures utilised would return the units to an “as new” condition.

This was achieved by returning all major castings to bare metal, inspecting and dimensionally checking for re-use and then testing for evaluation and certification purposes to ensure they could achieve a further “between major overhaul” life span.

All consumable components were changed and the rebuilt engine was tested to 1940 BHP at 1200 RPM on the upgraded Eurotex International test bed.

The Paxman Valenta engines were witness tested by senior members of the Sovereign Navy and passed “muster” with flying colours.

The on going success of this programme has led to further developments in the fleet overhaul and maintenance programme including the supply of 4 x Top End Overhaul Kits that have been designed to suit the Navy and the inclusion of 1 x engine “Short Block” which will be the base for on going engine support and aftercare with this specific client.