031 – Eurotex build replacement Paxman generator engine for Indian Navy aircraft carrier

Eurotex International Ltd has built a generator engine for the INS VIRAAT, the aircraft carrier of the Indian Fleet. The totally rebuilt unit, a Paxman Ventura 16YJCAZ, will now enter service as a zero hour unit and the removed engine will then be rebuilt to 2006 specifications. The object of the exercise is eventually to bring all of the ship’s generators up to date and store one spare unit in India as a strategic stockholding

The plan, now under way and working successfully, will allow extended life expectancy of the vessel and is a major step towards the goal of rehabilitating the active fleet for this esteemed customer.

All the equipment was taken back to bare metal, tested, certified and reassembled using all new moving and consumable components. This has given the unit an ‘AS NEW’ appearance, ready for installation upon arrival

The refit, undertaken within Eurotex International’s ISO9001 – 2000 Quality Accreditation, was carried out to the highest technical level and the final Factory Acceptance Trials were certified by Lloyds and witnessed by Commander Subir Mukherjee, the Technical Advisor to the Admiral Superintendent of Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.