030 – Fleet Paxman Ventura engine upgrade programme

The Indian Navy has completed many years of investigation and negotiation to extend the life of the generators aboard their ‘Leander Class’ vessels by overhauling and upgrading the Paxman Ventura 8YJCAZ engines on board.

Contracts for the first two units were awarded to Eurotex International Ltd. The engines were returned to the company’s facility in the UK for comprehensive rebuild and test under strict ISO Quality Accredited regulations and in accordance with the high standards set by Eurotex International.

The accompanying pictures aptly illustrate the condition of the units upon return and the quality of the refit that took place to bring them back into operation. They now match 2006 specifications and meet all necessary performance criteria for the extended life required by the customer.

This contract is the forerunner of more engine refits to be undertaken by the Indian Navy. Watch this space for more details!