015 Eurotex and Viking complete overhaul kit project in just seven days

Eurotex International and its American partner, Viking Incorporated of Marrero, Louisiana, have successfully completed the shipment and pre-positioning of eight 18000-hour Major Overhaul Kits, in support of the 16RP200 Valenta engines operated in the USA.

The eight kits contained 359 different line items in various multiples, giving a grand total of 25,328 individual components. They included engine sets of bearing shells, piston rings, control switches, pre-heat units and all of the consumable components required in a complete engine overhaul. The kits were drawn from the extensive stocks held at Eurotex and the entire operation was completed in seven days.

Eurotex pre-plans materials requirements such as these as part of the through life support programmes that it offers to engine users worldwide. This enables large consignments to be dispatched with minimal delay, avoiding unnecessary downtime for the customer and supporting efficient and effective overhaul routines.

Kits are customised to specific engines and provided for either regular maintenance usage or top end/ major engine overhaul support.

014 – First contract completed in Chilean Navy programme

Following the Chilean Navy’s recent acquisition of Type 23 Frigates from the UK MOD (N), Eurotex International Ltd was awarded a contract to rebuild a Paxman 12RP200 Valenta engine in support of the fleet.

Working in close cooperation with the Chilean Navy, the unit was built and tested under Eurotex International’s stringent ISO 9001:2000 LRQA Quality Assurance programme and was witness tested to the Navy’s total satisfaction.

The contract marked the start of an ongoing fleet support programme between Eurotex International Ltd and the Chilean Navy.

0013 – Eurotex provides second prime mover to Indian Navy for INS VIRAAT

Eurotex International Ltd provided a second prime mover to the Indian Navy for the upcoming refit of the INS VIRAAT, the aircraft carrier formerly known as HMS Hermes.

The 40 year old engine was returned from India in a used condition and was stripped, inspected to ISO specifications, rebuilt to the original schedule of dimensions and tolerances and tested to its original requirements – all under the watchful eye of Lloyds and a technical representative of the Indian Navy.

The unit was successfully signed off without any problems and was preserved, packed and dispatched to India for its commissioning and trials on board the INS VIRAAT during the refit. It was the second unit to be supplied to this vessel, the first having been commissioned and run satisfactorily for well over a year now. This holds the company in good stead for the replacement of the next two units, which will be changed out later this year.

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012 – ISO Inspection by Lloyds

Eurotex International Limited were recently subjected to their 3 year Quality Accreditation recertification inspection and came through with flying colours obtaining Accreditation to ISO 9001:2000 for a further 3 years.

This underscores all activities undertaken to the highest level of Quality Accreditation and includes:- Stringent Inspection Routines

- Comprehensive Audit traceability

- Detailed and articulate controls throughout manufacturing cycles

- Documentary controls throughout engine build and assembly refurbishment.

- The highest level of customer care both in house and in situ.

- The guarantee of the best support and aftercare service available in the world.

All parts and services supplied pass through our stringent Quality Control and Quality Assurance programmes and are accompanied by our full warranty and guarantee.

This accreditation gives all our customers the assurance of the highest support of their equipment with the comforting knowledge that Lloyds have approved the Eurotex International Ltd Quality Control and Quality Assurance programmes.

011 More 18,000 hour overhaul kits for USN and USCG

With the dispatch of five more Paxman 16RP200M ‘Valenta’ 18,000 hour Major Overhaul Kits, the Eurotex and Viking teams have achieved a record of 23 kits in the current year, beating their previous best of 18 kits in a single year.

The kits consist of all mandatory change-out components required when an engine reaches its overhaul cycle of 18,000 running hours and is withdrawn from service for a major refit.

They comprise 359 different line items, which total 3,500 actual components that were individually packed, labelled and dispatched in record time, having been subject to the stringent controls and procedures of the Eurotex ISO Quality programme.

So far this year, a grand total of 80,500 components have passed through the kit assembly and inspection programme. All have then been re-inspected and checked by the various customers at Viking’s pristine new facilities in Marrero, Louisiana, prior to assembly and use for another 18,000 hours of running time.

010 Record year for 18000 overhaul kits

Eurotex International Ltd and their partner company Viking Incorporated of Marrero Louisiana, successfully completed the supply of three more 18000 Paxman Valenta Major Overhaul Kits bringing the total for the year to 26.

The last three were designed to US Coast Guard specification and incorporate all the mandatory ‘change out’ components required to ensure the engines can perform at optimum levels between major overhauls, which is set at 18000 running hours.

The success of the supply has led to component provisioning programmes that ensure Eurotex can maintain the ‘ex stock’ status for all parts that it offers its worldwide customer base, which reduces engine downtime and maintains top performance, on a ’round the clock’ basis.

009 Logistical supplies dispatched to the Indian Navy

A consignment of parts required to support the Paxman Ventura fleet operated by the Indian Navy has been dispatched by Eurotex International. It consisted of 233 different line items, amounting to 16987 individual components.

The parts will be strategically placed to cover almost all eventualities, ranging from planned maintenance to urgent replacements required when the vessels are deployed.

This consignment rounds off a major commitment by Eurotex to support all the requirements of the Indian Navy in a timely and cost effective manner, while also extending the life of the Ventura engines.

008 – Investigative survey in Singapore

Eurotex International Ltd undertook an investigative survey on HMS Echo while the ship was visiting Singapore. The survey concerned the cylinder liner upper location on a Ruston 6RK270 MK2 engine and was to ascertain the condition and dimensional position of the entablature.

No excessive degradation of the area in question was revealed. The engine was reassembled and tested to the satisfaction of the Royal Navy and the customer – in a very timely manner.

007 – Eurotex supply two more refurbished generators to the Indian Navy

Eurotex International Ltd has supplied a further two Paxman 16YJCAZ Generators to the Indian Navy to be used in the drydocking and re-engining of the aircraft carrier INS VIRAAT. This means that all four Paxman generators on board the vessel have been supplied by Eurotex.

The engines were built under the stringent quality control procedures incorporated within the ISO 9001 – 2000 programme, which was recently updated by Lloyds. After being built, the engines were tested and approved by Lloyds and then witness tested to everyone’s satisfaction by the Indian Navy at Eurotex’s UK facility.

Both engines are now in transit to India to coincide with the drydocking of the vessel. Eurotex engineers will install and commission the units on the vessel during the first quarter of 2009.

This contract was completed for the Indian Navy on time and on budget, thereby further cementing the long tradition of close support and cooperation between the two organisations.

006 – Eurotex embarks on new engine support partnership

Eurotex International Ltd has expanded its portfolio of diesel engine support and aftercare to include MTU engines, in partnership with IBF FUTIAK GMBH of Oberhausen, Germany.

Based on a mutual support philosophy, the objective of the partnership is to provide navies around the world with a more comprehensive solution to their engine support programmes. Most navies have volumes of Paxman and MTU in their engine population.

One of the first projects successfully completed under the new arrangement was the rehabilitation of two 12V493 engines for the Chilean Navy, which is currently overhauling its vessels. The engines were successfully presented for tests that were attended by the customer. Their performance was witnessed and passed to everybody’s satisfaction, following which the engines were packed and prepared for dispatch, on schedule and to budget.

The partnership has several more projects under negotiation and developing, which will be reported on in the near future.