049 – Big End To 2011For Eurotex

Big end to 2011 for Eurotex International.

2011 concluded with the despatch of 2 x 6RP200M(E) engines for the ongoing BAe support and aftercare contract.

The engines were refurbished concurrently utilising the newly acquired facilities for stripping and preparation protocols within the ISO9001:2008 certified procedures.

The engines are used in the Minehunter Class Vessels and required complete inspection and rehabilitation of the units “degaussing system” which was successfully completed and fitted prior to ranging by the customer.

The engines were witnessed tested by the customers complete team of engineers including Quality Management, Installation and Commissioning Engineers, Emission Experts who witnessed perfect full load factory acceptance trials up to 2100Hp, emission trial, fuel consumption measurements and governor function.

Eurotex International Ltd. is established as the home of Paxman Ventura and Valenta full support and aftercare for all applications worldwide.


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