045 – Ruston 12RK270 Routine Maintenance Contract.

Eurotex International have completed an extensive routine maintenance contract on HMS Severn for BAe Systems.

As part of the Joint Extended Maintenance Period, Eurotex carried out the 30,000 hourly in-situ maintenance schedule on the Starboard Ruston 12RK270 MKII engine.

The work was carried out over a period of 20 days, utilising seven engineers.

The scope of work included:

• Dismantling, cleaning, inspection of all pumps fitting new bearings and mechanical seals.

• Removing and replacing all pistons and associated rings.

• Replace all main bearings.

• Remove, inspect and clean cylinder liners.

• Clean out air chest.

• Removal of free end cover, to carry out full inspection of the spring drive and auxiliary pump idler gears.

In addition, our engineers were also involved in the yearly maintenance of the ships fire pump system.



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