025 – Eurotex rebuilds Paxman crankcases for sovereign navy

Once again, Eurotex International Ltd has re-introduced time proven hardware, overhauled and tested to current specifications, back into the service of a sovereign navy. The end products are cost-effective, ‘zero hour’ replacement units that have all the warranty and guarantee certifications necessary for acceptance and commissioning, thus conserving budgets for further engine enhancement projects.

The client sent two senior naval officials to the Eurotex facility in Brightlingsea, Essex to inspect and witness the extensive testing procedures used in the rehabilitation of these crankcases. After three days of dismantling and re-test procedures, the navy officials signed all clearance documentation, indicating total satisfaction with the units.

This contract is seen as the forerunner of further support and aftercare programmes with this client, as the crankcases follows the supply of 2 x 12YJCAZ Paxman Ventura engines previously overhauled and tested at the Eurotex facility. These units have been in service for over a year and are performing to everybody’s satisfaction.


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