015 Eurotex and Viking complete overhaul kit project in just seven days

Eurotex International and its American partner, Viking Incorporated of Marrero, Louisiana, have successfully completed the shipment and pre-positioning of eight 18000-hour Major Overhaul Kits, in support of the 16RP200 Valenta engines operated in the USA.

The eight kits contained 359 different line items in various multiples, giving a grand total of 25,328 individual components. They included engine sets of bearing shells, piston rings, control switches, pre-heat units and all of the consumable components required in a complete engine overhaul. The kits were drawn from the extensive stocks held at Eurotex and the entire operation was completed in seven days.

Eurotex pre-plans materials requirements such as these as part of the through life support programmes that it offers to engine users worldwide. This enables large consignments to be dispatched with minimal delay, avoiding unnecessary downtime for the customer and supporting efficient and effective overhaul routines.

Kits are customised to specific engines and provided for either regular maintenance usage or top end/ major engine overhaul support.

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