011 More 18,000 hour overhaul kits for USN and USCG

With the dispatch of five more Paxman 16RP200M ‘Valenta’ 18,000 hour Major Overhaul Kits, the Eurotex and Viking teams have achieved a record of 23 kits in the current year, beating their previous best of 18 kits in a single year.

The kits consist of all mandatory change-out components required when an engine reaches its overhaul cycle of 18,000 running hours and is withdrawn from service for a major refit.

They comprise 359 different line items, which total 3,500 actual components that were individually packed, labelled and dispatched in record time, having been subject to the stringent controls and procedures of the Eurotex ISO Quality programme.

So far this year, a grand total of 80,500 components have passed through the kit assembly and inspection programme. All have then been re-inspected and checked by the various customers at Viking’s pristine new facilities in Marrero, Louisiana, prior to assembly and use for another 18,000 hours of running time.

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