004 – Annual review of LRQA for EIL ISO Quality Accreditation

The annual review of the company’s ISO Quality Accreditation was carried out recently and we received high commendation from the reviewing officer of LLOYDS REGISTRY of QUALITY ACCREDITATION.

Special attention was paid to the significant improvements that have been initiated and implemented by the company including:

a) The marked improvements to the level of conformance to existing and new procedures, including system enhancements.

b) The continuing improvements to the environment, the approach to ISO, the general level of systems comprehension and the ongoing desire to conform to revisions and new inclusions.

c) The culture of the company, which has led to the development of new business opportunities and the increased return on submitted tenders.

d) The implementation of the new dynamometer in which the company has invested.

e) The implementation of new high power pressure washers and their impact on labour utilisation and costs.

f) Recruitment of new skilled labour and the introduction of a dedicated Service Director.

g) The introduction of new vehicular transport for the Service Department and the Packing and Despatch Department.

All these system enhancements and organisational developments have cemented the existing world class service we bring to our customers and strengthened our commitment to provide our customers with the independent support and service they have a right to demand.

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