003 – Paxman Valenta crankcase brought back to life

When a 12-cylinder Valenta suffers a major failure involving a connecting rod penetrating the outer crankcase, the unit is generally regarded as having little chance of recovery. Nevertheless, Eurotex was prepared to take on the challenge when the Chilean Navy required just such a unit to be salvaged, with specific instructions to repair and refurbish the crankcase, sump, under base, lub oil pump, crankshaft, cylinder heads, cylinder liners and associated equipment.

The crankcase was taken back to bare metal and all fabricated elements were re-welded. Having been totally refurbished to ‘as new’ condition, the unit was re-certified for use in the Type 23 frigates of the Chilean Navy fleet and is likely to be redeployed during a fleet upgrade programme in 2010.

This is another example of the Quality Accredited skills and knowledge of Paxman Valenta equipment demonstrated by Eurotex International. Its comprehensive support and aftercare services, offered on a worldwide basis, offer customers optimum results within the constraints of strict budgetary control.

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