0013 – Eurotex provides second prime mover to Indian Navy for INS VIRAAT

Eurotex International Ltd provided a second prime mover to the Indian Navy for the upcoming refit of the INS VIRAAT, the aircraft carrier formerly known as HMS Hermes.

The 40 year old engine was returned from India in a used condition and was stripped, inspected to ISO specifications, rebuilt to the original schedule of dimensions and tolerances and tested to its original requirements – all under the watchful eye of Lloyds and a technical representative of the Indian Navy.

The unit was successfully signed off without any problems and was preserved, packed and dispatched to India for its commissioning and trials on board the INS VIRAAT during the refit. It was the second unit to be supplied to this vessel, the first having been commissioned and run satisfactorily for well over a year now. This holds the company in good stead for the replacement of the next two units, which will be changed out later this year.

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